Music Publishing Markets Survey

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November 30 2023

So, it’s happening.

Following clear need for our industry and express requests from international governments and industry partners…the music publishing industry will have its first ever international markets survey.

Following a year’s work by the ICMP Metrics Working Group of board members, company & MPA reps, we now have a draft survey and we have contracted with PMP Strategy to be our 3rd party partners.

The Music Publishing Markets Survey launched in Milan last week. It will collate data from music publishers, MPAs and CMOs/PROs, then analyse the results and publish the output.

This will give the first ever visibility on the size, nature and value of our industry. Our target respondents are CMOs/PROs, MPAs and international music publishing companies.

As such, it’s tremendously important that you get involved. How?



PMP Strategy is the survey team and are a trusted music industry partner.

All survey input will be received only by PMP Strategy and is entirely confidential.

Input deadline = 31 March.



  1. Work with all your members to collate and send your input to PMP Strategy.
  2. Ensure your local CMO/PRO has received their survey & is inputting direct to PMP Strategy.


International Music Publishing Companies

  1. Respond on all your markets direct to PMP Strategy.


We will host an ICMP #DigitalSeries event at end of January to update you. Meantime, let’s all getinvolved.