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Music publishers are direct partners of the world’s music creators – bringing 100 million+ musical works, to an audience of billions

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Our industry’s global average is 75/25 to songwriters


Whatever way music airs, a publisher licenses artists’ work - from vinyl to live, streaming to NFTs


Our industry spans 5,000+ different music genres & 100million+ works


Our double digit billion dollar industry is the direct investor in the creation of music


We are some of world’s oldest companies (17th century) & defend the world’s masterpieces.


A music publisher is an artist’s best friend - giving career long artistic &business backing.


The clue is in the name – publishers spend to promote artists’ music


A universe of music is now in our pockets. We’re always driving the next technological advances.

Ralph Peer II

Today, ICMP and a long list of Europe’s creative sectors - ranging from TV, sports, film, book publishers, songwriters, football, telecommunications services and photo agencies - have written to European Commissioner for the Internal Market Mr. Thierry Breton outlining their concerns about the transposition of ‘Article 17’ of the 2019 Copyright Directive.

Article 17 addresses the Value Gap for copyright protected content online such as millions of musical works. Article 17 clarifies that User Uploaded content (UUC) services such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snap etc. are liable under existing EU copyright law for the millions of works they make available and profit from online, therefore they should take a full and fair licence with the rightholders for those creative works. This seeks to fix a drastic licensing, valuation and indeed Digital Singe Market competition issue.

The European Commission is currently drafting non-binding Guidance to the 27 EU governments as to how Article 17 could work in practice. ICMP continues to input to that European Commission process and work with national governments, while at the same time countering ‘Big Tech’ services’ ongoing attempts to water down and obviate the law.

See the cross-sectoral here.

See ICMP Director General’s statement below.