PRESS RELEASE: ICMP Music Minds Europe 2023

November 29 2023

The global voice of music publishingICMP – which represents majors, indies and 76 different national trade associations across 6 continents, on aggregate representing approximately 90% of the world’s commercially released music – met as an industry as part of Milan Music Week and launched a series of new initiatives.


ICMP’s staff and a large number of senior industry executives convened across ICMP’s recently evolved organisational structure, including ICMP’s Expert Groups (e.g. Legal, Metadata, Metrics, Collective Management and Classical Music), as well as the ICMP Global Regional Group – Europe (comprising heads of national trade associations and ICMP board members) before holding the 2023 edition of the ICMP Music Minds Europe 2023 conference. This featured high-level partners and speakers, including 5 leading CMO Chief Execs (SACEM, GEMA, SIAE, SOCAN and APRA AMCOS), Directors from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), multi-million streaming Italian star producer and writer Dardust, Chief Executives from our anti-piracy partner MUSO and the Ivors Academy as well as leading politicians working with ICMP almost daily to shape Artificial Intelligence regulations (their videos on ICMP’s social platforms – links in header).


Following these pan-industry meetings, ICMP has:


Set out how it is working internationally to optimise the business environment for music publishing.


Announced the first ever Music Publishing Markets Survey. This will examine the size and composition of the industry, collating data from Majors, Indies, national groups and CMOs.


Presented its new Anti-Piracy Platform powered by MUSO. As part of our rights enforcement programme, thereby enabling music companies to remove unlicensed works online.


Announced its partnership with WIPO to launch ‘CLIP’ – a worldwide app informing songwriters and composers about their rights.


Debriefed the industry on ICMP’s work. Work with governments across Europe, Asia, Africa and LatAm to ensure the growth of music industry value and prevent risks.



See below for a selection of quotes from ICMP, the board, international partners, senior politicians and Chief Execs.
Full ICMP Music Minds Europe 2023 press release here